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top 5 eyeshadow sticks

There’s just something irresistible about makeup in stick form. When Clinique came out with their Chubby Sticks, I was enamoured by the concept and became promptly addicted to Chunky Cherry.

Since then, I’ve acquired various makeup in stick form and I’m loving it. However, today the focus is on the 5 best eyeshadow sticks I’ve tried, so let’s have a look.

Just a note before we begin, I won’t be commenting on lasting power, since my eyes are deep set and my eyelids are way too oily to allow anything to stick around for longer than 5 minutes without an eye primer. However, with a primer (Joe Fresh makes a great inexpensive one), all the eyeshadow sticks easily last for 8-10 hours on me.

Top Cream Eyeshadow Sticks | Quick, Easy & Travel-Friendly + Swatches

a touch of rose

Naturally, this list starts with a rose gold. The Mary Kay at Play Shadow & Liner in Rebel Rose has one of the creamiest, smoothest and most pigmented formulas I’ve tried. It glides on like a dream, blends out beautifully and if you want to intensify your look, it has a super rich and creamy kohl at the other end.

The kohl is actually black but appears reddish brown in certain lights because of the sparkles running through it. This shade is absolutely beautiful if you love a rose gold that leans a little cranberry, and the formula is top notch. If you’d like to see more rose gold eyeshadows, I’ve written an undying declaration of love for this colour.

something blue

While I rarely wear blue eyeshadow these days, I like to have the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes in 19 Plush Periwinkle because it’s a very brightening ice blue. I love the colour, and especially enjoy wearing it in the wintertime.

It’s fairly easy to apply, but in my experience, some of the Clinique Chubby Sticks for Eyes tend to drag and apply unevenly if you try to build it up too much, so it’s best for a light wash of colour.

However, if you want something more intense, you can use the Chubby Stick as a base and top it off with an ice blue eyeshadow to get the full impact. It makes for a very pretty luminous look.

Top Cream Eyeshadow Sticks | Quick, Easy & Travel-Friendly + Swatches

a little lilac

If ever you need a quick way to look more perky and awake, a lilac/lavender eyeshadow may just be your solution. The Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes in 20 Oversized Orchid is the perfect brightening lilac shade that suits pretty much any skintone. It’s a very fresh look and I can vouch for its ability to make you look alive when you’re running on 4 hours of sleep.

Honestly, I remember searching like crazy for a crisp and clean-looking lavender shade ever since I saw Lisa Eldridge’s Quick Pick-Me Up Makeup, and once I came across this, it was a done deal.

Also, I find this shade is a bit more pigmented and applies more evenly than the others I’ve tried, but if you still find it lacking, it looks gorgeous with a lavender/lilac eyeshadow on top.

a bit of bronze

The Too Faced Bulletproof 24-Hour Shadow Liner in Mink is pretty much my go-to eyeshadow stick in the summer, since it’s a lovely bronzy-brownish neutral shade and the formula is excellent.

It’s super creamy and pigmented, although you have to work fast to blend it out since it sets in a matter of seconds. It has never creased on me, it applies smoothly and evenly, and while it’s pricier, I think the quality makes it worth it. The sponge on the other end is handy in case you don’t have a brush, but your fingers can do the job just as well.

It’s one of my all-time favourites, and I usually take it with me on trips because it’s an awesome formula and a great option for any occasion and lip colour (particularly gorgeous with a red lip).

Top Cream Eyeshadow Sticks | Quick, Easy & Travel-Friendly + Swatches

some more bronze

I’ve been eyeing the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils ever since I saw them swatched on MarlinUp’s channel, and when I finally found them in my local Pharmaprix, I picked up 617 Iced Mocha.

As you can tell, the shade is nearly identical to the Too Faced Mink, so it makes a great dupe in terms of colour. However, while the formula is good, I find it doesn’t apply as evenly or as intensely as the Too Faced one.

Don’t get me wrong, it still applies smoothly, doesn’t get cakey and you can build it up to the same pigmentation, but it takes just a bit more work than the other one. While it blends out beautifully, the packaging is bit of a downside because you’ll need to sharpen it since it’s unfortunately not a twist-up.

Overall, it’s a good quality low-priced option for a bronzy eyeshadow stick and it looks pretty much identical to Mink on the eyes, so it’s really up to your preference when it comes to formulas and packaging.

Top Cream Eyeshadow Sticks | Quick, Easy & Travel-Friendly + Swatches

Swatches in natural daylight

wrapping up

Thank you so much for coming by, and I hope you’ve liked my picks for best eyeshadow sticks.

Let me know, are you also a lover of makeup in stick form? Or do you prefer powder or cream formulas?

Take care & see you soon!












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