Hi there! Welcome to Quick Beauty Reviews, my little corner of the Internet where I talk about all things makeup and skincare, with the odd lifestyle bit thrown in.

Couple of things about me, in case you’re curious:

  1. Lipstick lover for life. Always carrying between 3-4986 lip products in my bag.
  2. Super passionate about makeup and skincare, and have spent a ridiculous amount of time researching anything from tools to ingredients and application techniques.
  3. Madly in love with quick, easy & effortless looks just as much as gorgeous full-glam looks. Why choose when you can have both?
  4. Tea lover for life. Coffee too. Oh, and chocolate!
  5. Absolutely not a morning person. Have tried to rectify this to no avail.

If you have any burning questions about my person, or would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact me here.